In the context of the Transmediale Vorpiel 2024, there will be a live performance: RADICAL DUALISM Expanded Live Set Francesco Mancori (IT/DE) – visual synthesizer Kurihara Takuya (JP) – modular synthesizer Liebig 12 – 23.01.2024 – h.18-21 Liebigstraße 12 – 10247 Berlin

Radical Dualism

RADICAL DUALISM is an exhibition presenting my recent works: on show are generative prints on fine art paper, videos and a polargraph art robot in action. ITINERANT INTERLUDE #101010 performances by Marie Takahashi, (JP), viola and Kurihara Takuya, (JP), modular synthesizers, interpreting drawings in the … Continue readingRadical Dualism

semiotica ermetica

in the enigmatic language a stance against the manipulability and communicative ease of mass society, which is expressed in the propaganda of dictatorial regimes


when a hereditary variation in the structure of genetic material falls outside the normal curve of variability, it is then the concept of normality that becomes problematic