Radical Dualism

RADICAL DUALISM is an exhibition presenting my recent works: on show are generative prints on fine art paper, videos and a polargraph art robot in action.

ITINERANT INTERLUDE #101010 performances by Marie Takahashi, (JP), viola and Kurihara Takuya, (JP), modular synthesizers, interpreting drawings in the partitura series.

In this process algorithms are modified while running by using interactive programming and patching environments. These abstract forms have become free of their logical content, compositions with a high degree of independence from visual references in the world, in the quest for the purity of abstraction as a clear aesthetic practice.

This project, called Radical Dualism, is an invitation to reflect on the tendency towards polarisation, the reduction of the complexity of reality, the regressive tendency of thinking towards a dichotomous vision, the categorisation of binary oppositions in an illusory order and superficial meaning.

A mixed production process involving programming and real-time performance on modular systems encourages a meditative and reflective response. In a geometric two-dimensional visual environment, a single form is multiplied by its opposite polarity, positive/negative. A combinatorial logic of simple elements generates an astonishing complexity, a dynamic tension between the concepts of light and dark, empty and full, form and meaning.

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