Here are some of my generative interactive drawings, the result of human-machine interaction. In this process, algorithms are modified on the fly using interactive programming and patching environments. These abstract forms have become free of their logical content, compositions with a high degree of independence from visual references in the world, in search of the purity of abstraction as a clear aesthetic practice.

Algorithms have become ubiquitous in our society, but not to ensure a fairer and more sustainable future, nor to serve the common good. They are mostly profit-driven, exploiting the many for the benefit of the few. They are implemented with minimal oversight, few accountability mechanisms and little research into their ongoing social and economic impacts. But there is another side to algorithms that I try to embody in my work: I use them to create beauty, meditation and calls to action. The use of technology obliges us to look at it critically, to have a significant socio-political aim, to question the underlying moral implications of technology, to reorient the cultural potential of the computer to transform the social order.