Oour lives as data sets, as generators of personally identifiable information, as objects of cluster analysis and sources for metadata matching algorithms. The process of capturing life in data, of quantifying life, is a lossy compression that uses imprecise approximations, rounding and truncation, producing overload distortions and quantization errors. A video for the British Human Computer Interaction Conference.

空 Kū is most commonly translated as “void”, but also means “sky”, representing those things beyond our everyday experience, especially those things made of pure energy. An immersive audiovisual experience that explores the incredible world of electromagnetic fields, bringing back images of geometries that cannot be observed elsewhere. The signal is modulated by a digital modular system, but the output is analogue, an electromagnetic event taking place before our very eyes. A journey into pure light.

Hhow do we place ourselves in the flow of life and time, how do we interact with the waves of destiny, how do we face our condition of loneliness together with everyone else, where do we find the mystical and philosophical dimension of existence, how can we reduce suffering in the world and build a more equal society in harmony with nature? And if we can do nothing, what can we do?